"The reading public has no time for badly edited, error-ridden books.” — Publishers Weekly

Whether you are writing a book, an academic paper, a CV or a one-sheet for your business, the goal is the same: Producing something that is a joy to read. Typokiller is ready to assist you in this mission.


I identify and fix structural problems, pick out the style inconsistencies that you can no longer notice after several drafts and remove the grammatical errors and unnecessary words that get in the reader’s way. I’m a stickler, but after working with hundreds of writers on improving their copy, I know how to propose solutions that will maintain your voice. We’ll work through my list of comments, questions and observations to produce a clean, final draft, one that will be a great improvement on the original.

Readers will judge your work by four primary criteria: professionalism, writing quality, organization and value. University research has found that, by every measure, material that has been ably edited scores higher on each of these. Professional research backs up this conclusion as well.

Hiring an experienced editor is an investment in your writing. Protect your credibility and improve the connection with your reader by working with Typokiller on your next project.

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